Easy to See Putter Alignment System

Imagine being able to correct your putter alignment within one degree, which the human eye normally can't detect. Consider what eliminating anxiety on the putting green would do for your score. What if you could ensure proper setup with your putter every time? How would you feel if you could improve your focus while reducing off-center hits?

How many strokes could you save if you stop 3 putting?

Get 90% Better in 3 Minutes or Less in Three Easy Steps

Correcting Your Stance
Improve by 30%

Aim = degrees, not inches!

If your putter is a couple degrees pitched forward or back you'll miss your putt. Normally you won't be able to detect a pitch misalignment on a typical putter.

The G360 has a feedback mechanism for proper putter pitch alignment.

Most putters have rounded mated surfaces. This creates a lot of 'play' resulting in decreased accuracy.

Imagine trying to balance on a beach ball while trying to putt - this is challenge many putters create.

The G360 has a precision milled mating surface and a tapered heel ensuring you get just the right amount of pitch every time. The result?

You take less strokes per round and sink more putts. Can your putter do that?

Improving Your Alignment
Improve by 30%

Better Aim = Better Game!

40% or more strokes are collected with your putter - making it the most important club in your bag. The G360 has 3 yaw alignment features to help you get a tactical advantage over your playing partners.

  • The broken center-line helps ensure your total body is aligned to the putter.

  • The horseshoe marking helps create a visual path to the hole.

  • The high contrast white-on-black alignment and anti-glare putter head improve visibility and reduce distractions.

  • The putter head is the same size as the hole to help overcome optical illusions and improve your confidence.

Fixing Your Hand/Eye Position
Improve by 30%

Proper Fit = Better Aim!

Most players use a putter that is too long. Often putters you buy "off the shelf" are less than perfect and ill suited for your style and skill.

When you use an improperly fitted putter you end up adjusting your stance and compensating in your stroke.

A properly fitted putter will feel comfortable and natural. It will ensure your eyes are in the right position and improve your accuracy and confidence.

A properly fitted putter reduces compound angles resulting in more made putts. The G360 can be custom fit for any golfer and we can fit you right over the phone and it only takes a few minutes. Schedule your free putter fitting today and we'll even show you why you miss most of your putts and how you can fix it.

The G360 added bonus...

  • Built in "Made-Putt Retriever" to reduce strain on your back

  • Built-in Stoke Smoother for ultra-consistent putting

  • Free personalized putting tips to help you lower your score

  • Custom Winn grip, True-Temper Shaft and a premium Head Cover

  • On-going putting support and customer service you can appreciate

  • Discounted prices on next generation short game equipment from Gaim

  • Lowest cost shipping in the continental United States and $0 handling fees

  • Every custom putter is built on order, no warehouses, no shelves.

  • Precision milled and assembled in the united states of the finest materials
  • You get an unconditional Full Golf Season guarantee - 90 days

Custom order your Generation 3 G360 putter today and save $40 instantly.

I shot my lowest round in 20 years this past Friday. Your putter was a big part of my game as I was making a lot of putts. The more I use the putter the more I like it. Good job. - J.H. in Knoxville, TN